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10 Important Websites In Bengali ! Do you know that?

10 Important Websites In Bengali ! Do you know that?


In this age of digitalization, the use of the Internet has taken people’s lives to a unique level. I know how to make everything easier and easier. It was inevitable that digitalization would soon emerge in tandem with the benefits of the Internet. So this is happening nowadays. E-commerce is now making a huge contribution to the economy of Bangladesh.

Any kind of essentials we get at home in an instant now. Everything from travel tickets to doctor visits or riding shares can be done in a matter of seconds using this internet facility. Let’s introduce you to the most useful websites in our country, which I think will definitely make your life easier.


01. Important websites


1. Sheba.XYZ

Services on this site you can set up your generator, digital security, elevator, workstation, etc. This website will also provide you with basic services such as laundry, air conditioning, refrigerator, painting, electricity, and cleaning. You can log in to this website and request your services very easily.


02. Important websites



Pathao is also basically a ride-sharing app. Which is currently in operation in several places. Through the Pathao app, people can get cars and bikes in the city based on demand. This app is very easy to use.

First download the app, set the location of your chosen destination, and request a ride. If someone around you finds the request they will take you on a ride and take you to your destination for a relatively cheap fare.

In addition to riding, Pathao has recently launched Pathao Courier and Pathao Food. With the help of Send Riders, you can now send your documents and necessary parcels from one place in your city to another.


03.Important websites



In the big cities of our country, it is almost a common situation that we literally have to go to war to book an appointment with a specialist doctor. Sometimes people get up very early in the morning and try to call to get an appointment and in most cases, the calls don’t go. Even the opportunity to connect calls is not available due to the intense competition of thousands of calls made by patients.

Doctorla has come up with a unique way to solve this problem. Just go to the website or download the app to your phone. Find a specialist or doctor in your area and book an appointment at your leisure. A representative from Doctorola will call you and confirm your appointment.

04. Important websites


The complete online grocery product was first introduced in our country through has almost all the groceries and daily necessities you buy for your home from local grocers. From fruits, vegetables, to meat, fish, spices, all kinds of helpful cooking items, food, and drinks you will find on this site.


05. Important websites




Foodpanda is an online food delivery system that lets you order food from your favorite restaurant from anywhere. Foodpanda operates in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. About 800 restaurants and cafes are registered with Foodpanda and food-and-holiers can order from their personal choice. The system is simple.

Visit the app or website, select restaurants and their meals, request delivery to your place. Foodpanda offers lots of discounts and free delivery. What could be better than getting food in your home with exciting discounts?


06. Important websites


6. is the first and most comfortable ticketing agency in Bangladesh for buying bus tickets online. The service is not new as some bus operators used to book tickets online or online, but brings all the bus operators under one common website. It is very easy to get tickets from this site as its name is simple.

You can simply go to the site and search for tickets by selecting your destination and travel time. If found, book directly from the site and get a confirmation mail from Easy. Just do that and show that confirmation mail at the counter just to get on the bus. In addition to bus tickets, is now offering launch tickets.


07. Important websites


07. is very popular as the second-largest buying-selling advertising site since its inception, led by Nevertheless, due to the great service and engagement with more customers, today is the largest classified buying-selling advertising site. has the convenience and convenience of selling or buying almost anything, this site is the first choice of people who want to buy and sell any second-hand item. The process is easier than listening because you can simply take a sample of your product, write some details about it and upload it for sale. You will see that your product is sold out in a few moments. From now on you can search or advertise job offers on


08. Important websites



A well-based online learning platform in Bangladesh. With well-planned lecture courses and instructions from qualified instructors, this is a great place for knowledge seekers of all kinds. Here the education system is simple. Some experts prepare a video course. And upload it to Repto, students are constantly learning to buy the courses.

You will find various fields of education such as programming, digital marketing, graphic design, photography, English language, MS Office, database, entrepreneurship etc. in Repto, and by registering you will learn the course of your choice.


09. Important websites



Daraz is the largest online shopping site in Bangladesh. It has almost everything you need, from clothes to groceries. Daraz has become very popular for its exclusive collections and regular discounts. This daraz app is available for both Android and iOS. Even sacrificial cows can be ordered on the i-app or on the website. What else … if there is a daraz.


10. Important websites



In daily life, we ​​need to save more or less everyone’s account. tallykhata.You don’t have to bother to collect all your transaction information using this app. So I mean everyone who does retail business should use this app.

This was today’s tune. You can tell in the comments which of these you think is most important.

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