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Best Strategy Games for Android Strategy Games Android 2021

Best strategy games android best strategy games android 2021

Best strategy games android in 2021. Nowadays everyone likes to play strategy and combat games. Today I would talk about this topic And this topic I research very well and share with extra knowledge.

1.Clash of clan

Clash of Clans is the best strategy game also this game is so popular. This game is released first in the IOS app store on August 2, 2012. for the androids released in the play store on October 7, 2013. basically, you have to farm and attack other opponent’s bases for gold and loots. In 2021 this game has 14 levels every level you have max your defense troops. If you want to play war or war league can make a clan and play a minimum of 10 up to 50 vs war after war or war league you can collect points and loots. Playing this game lots of fun and you can communicate with other people around the world and play with them. If you are interested to play this game then go to the play store/app store and play.

2.Mobile’s legend

mobile legend one of the most popular games in this world. This is a multilayer game. you can play this game with online players around the world.  It’s takes lots of strategy. mobile legend is smooth and optimized play to easy. This game has some special characters with different abilities. So, you can play this game with your favorite character or special abilities. This game has lots of levels on your player and you will love this game defiantly. So why are you waiting for it, let’s play the game and enjoy.

3.Dead by daylight

Dead by daylight is the best multiplayer horror game for android. This game first Launched for Pc gamers and gained lots of popularity. After Successes, they are Launched dead by daylight mobile. These games will first leave you with a four-walled open field. This game has a killer and 4 survivors. Survivors have to do fix the generator without fall into the killer’s eyes and they have to open the door and leave the killer’s abode. The game generator takes time to fix also takes time for the door opening. The killer also a player killer has to do kill the survivor, Not allowed to fix the generator, and not letting him out of his dormitory. this game is so exciting. you have to try this game.

4.Clash royal

Clash Royal was also created by the owner of the clash of clans creator company. Clash of clans this game like a farm and attacks the opponent’s base but Clash royal is a multiplayer game in this game you have to play at the same time with 2 players, 1st player is you and 2nd player is your opponent. This game is too easy to play you both get the same various armies and you have to do just destroy opponent defenders and king. First-round you will get 3-minute time in this round who have more destroyed point he will be win. If the point is equal then you get again extra rounds of 1 minute if in this round any player gets more points than another player he will win. It takes a lot of strategies to play this game. If you like this game then download and play.


Pubg mobile is the best strategy and popular game in the world. This game is a multiplayer and best and combat game. This game doesn’t matter the level. This game base on some popular maps like Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, Karakin, Vikendi play to this game it takes 30 minutes. Also, this game has a 15-minute game and 10 minutes Team Death Match. You can play this game single, double, and squads. These games have the best score level as like silver. gold, platinum, diamond, Crown, ace, and Top rank players level Conqueror. This is playing to so much fun with squads or your friends. You should try this game. because This song is very exciting.

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