best tech website & Blogs

The Top 100 best tech websites & Blogs to Follow in 2021

best tech website & Blogs

Are you looking for a trusted tech website or blog? This post is for you. In this age of modern technology. these websites will help you a lot to be the first to get all the updates of new gadgets, applications, games starting from different technology news.

In this post, I will try to highlight the best English, Hindi, and Bangla tech websites in front of you. So here are the top 100 technology websites in the world for you. So that first of all you get all the updates of technology news in the palm of your hand.


tech website 2021

This Techcrunch website ranks first among the most popular technology websites in the world. You will always get all the technology updates on this website. This website is known as one of the most popular technologies blog sites online, along with internet technology media.


technology website 2021

Thenextweb is another top website in the internet world. This blog web covers most of the new tech gadgets, business, culture, and technology issues every day. The most interesting thing is that more than 7 million people visit this tech site every month.


techradar tech website

The TechRadar tech website mostly posts blogs to get technology purchase advice. This blog site presents writing in English in a very simple way. This tech site has very nice reviews about different tech products including how to set up new products, phones, laptops, audio equipment, and more. So if you want to buy a gadget or tech product, you can easily understand whether that product will be good for you through this TechRadar site visit.


ware tech website

Wired is the most important entry-level tech website on our list. On this tech website, you will find articles on new plant technologies, cyber-attacks, and security, any information related to tech, unknown things about science, as well as many more topics including YouTube. Once you visit this site, you will understand where you stand in Tech. You will also see all the tech news to lose your head.


lifeware tech website


Lifewaire In this tech website you can post on this website to solve any technical problem related to your phone, computer laptop, various gadgets. And you will get the solution to that post in a while. In addition, various types of launched gadgets, tech guides, telecom related posts are regularly posted on this tech website.

Top 6 Technology Website And Blog List for Apple in 2021

Would you like to know all kinds of Apple brand updates? For example, you will be the first to know all the information about Apple’s new gadgets, phones, MacBooks, when they will be launched, and all Apple updates. Apple’s best and most trusted websites are here for you.


Top 30 Indian Technology Website And Blog List

If you are looking for the best tech websites in India, you can follow the tech websites in this list. If you want to know all kinds of tech products coming to India, including any kind of tech news, reviews, tech guides, tech launches, you can visit these tech websites first. Here are the top 30 Indian tech websites for you.

06.Tech in Asia
09.EFY Times
12.Know Your Mobile
13.Guiding Tech
16.The Mobile Indian
23.TP Technology Personalized
27.Talk Android
30.Social Samosa


Top 30 Bangladeshi Technology Website And Blog List

If you are looking for the best tech websites in Bengal, you can visit the sites in this list.The top tech websites in the Bengali language are highlighted for you. On these tech websites, you will always get tips and tricks, mobile reviews, and all kinds of new tech news.


From now on you can easily get any tech news through these websites. If you want to create a block or video on tech news, I think these websites will help you a lot.


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