VPN usage guidelines 2021

How much do you know about VPN? VPN usage guidelines

How much do you know about VPN? VPN usage guidelines


What is VPN ?

VPN is when you try to hide your identity or try to hide your identity behind the identity of others in the world of the internet. We all know what a VPN is, and in short, a virtual private network is something that when you want to keep your identity secret in the world of the Internet when you want to access some sites or websites that keep your anonymity.

The government of the country does not want to let you use it, that is, you use a VPN to use banned websites, and then how does it work? How much risk do you have if you use it? If you use VPN, many people say that internet speed increases too much. Everything will be discussed so read on until the end.

How VPN works

I hope many people will know something unknown about VPN. Let’s start the main discussion without wasting time. First of all, I want to make it clear that the thing we think of a VPN is that it is not VPN all the time. We use VPN to increase the speed but we never notice that we have VPN option in our phone settings.

When we download a VPN application, we do not know that it is not actually a VPN. What is the matter? The thing is you can manually create a VPN profile on your mobile phone. If you want to talk on a mobile phone like this, you have to buy a SIM and call it on your mobile phone, which means if you want to talk, you can buy a SIM from any SIM company and put it on your mobile and then you can talk through it.

Similarly, if you create a VPN profile instead of a SIM on your phone, then you can communicate with the VPN through that profile. The free VPN applications that are available in the Play Store are usually the ones that manually create the VPN profile on the phone that the free VPN automatically creates. This means that the free VPNs available in the Play Store are not actually VPNs. In fact, these applications are used to create VPN profiles.

This time you created a VPN profile. Now if you want you can increase the net speed of this VPN profile phone or you can see the websites that are banned in your country, the government does not want you to see these websites. So how will it work, let’s say you search Google.com from your mobile or computer, but it does not go directly to the Google server.

When your search goes to the ISP Internet Service Provider in the form of a packet, the Internet Service Provider checks to see if the correct item is prohibited. Otherwise, if all is correct, the Service Provider sends a signal to where the information is then the Internet Service Provider from that server. It comes to that information then you see the thing you searched.

That’s the way things work. But when you create a VPN profile and search for something, the same process works but in a different way. Then you are fooling the internet service provider, the thing is that you have created a VPN profile which means when you search it will not go to the internet service provider as a normal packet it will go as an encrypted packet so the service provider will not understand exactly what you sent the query. Using this process, the VPN profile decrypted the information you searched for and shows you the website you want to visit.

Are free and paid VPN safe?

There is a thing called a digital footprint. No matter what you do on the server but your work is being recorded in the digital footprint, we usually make some mistakes and leave some information behind so that we can easily find it later. The server has done all your work keeping you secret but it has maintained all your work locks.

In case you ask the government but above all, they can get all the information about what you have done. Also, find out the IP address you have. It is possible to find out exactly who the person is, where your location is, and what queries you have created.

When you are using a paid VPN, you should read the trams and conditions carefully. It says that we are committed to the government of my country, that is, the Russian server is the VPN of Russia. Finding you, in this case, is a little difficult but not impossible

Is VPN illegal?

Using a VPN in different countries is an illegal activity in places like Saudi Arabia and China where using a VPN is prohibited. The government can find those who secretly use VPNs and fine them. In countries like Saudi Arabia and China, this is easily possible. Because tracing you is just a matter of minutes for the government but the government does not waste time on these minor issues. If there is any big issue, the government will be able to catch you effortlessly.

VPN usage guidelines

Don’t forget the tasks that use VPN First, do not run Facebook using VPN because the Facebook server can ban your ID when it realizes that your ID is being logged in from different countries, so it is better not to use VPN while running Facebook. People who have YouTube channels should not forget to use VPN because personal opinion has suspended many YouTube channels for some time due to using this VPN so if you have a YouTube channel then refrain from using this VPN. If you have any apps that can be used to transact money using VPN, then do not turn on VPN while using the apps as the privacy information of your transaction may be leaked, so be careful while using this VPN.

How Hackers Hide Themselves

The question is, how can a hacker hide himself using a VPN? In fact, hackers do not use the one server or a VPN They bounced themselves from servers in different countries, that is for example they first went to the Russian server. The Russian government may have sent him to another country’s server, then sent the flag of that country to another country’s server.

There is a thing called open VPN. There are many people who promote free internet. There are many people who promote free internet and with a lot of funding for it. Some servers have been created where servers bounce through multiple servers to create VPNs. If you can open such servers then you may be able to keep your identity secret.

Does using VPN increase speed?

Does using VPN increase speed? To understand this, you must first understand an example. If you think there is a road to go to a city in America, you can get to that city quickly if you know a road. And if you want to reach that city by different roads, then it will take you more time to reach that city.

Now you already know what happens when you use VPN. Again, if you use VPN, your IP will go to servers in different countries, open the query you have given and show you adequate results. So if you use VPN you will not get much net speed.

Which free VPN is best?

Top 5 Best Free VPN For Android (Essential for All)

  • Turbo VPN– Free VPN Proxy Server & Secure Service
  • VPN Free – Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN
  • TunnelBear: Virtual Private Network & Security
  • Proton VPN – Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited
  • this 5 best free vpn for android


Here are the VPN usage guidelines and best 5 free VPN for Android Hopefully you have learned a lot about VPN from this post. I’m sorry if I made a mistake and till then take care.

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