Make Blogger a beautiful Safelink Generator site and earn as much money

Many people who run websites or do various things online earn money in many ways. This is an easy way to earn money through Safelink site.
Especially Safelink is used more on movie download sites. Those who have a fair amount of traffic or visitors to the site can earn a good amount of money in this system. Those who came to the post after seeing the title of the post must know about it, otherwise, they would not have clicked on the post.
Well whatever it is, many people may not know what to say for them.

What is Safelink Generator?

Safelink Generator is a lot like Url Shortener but there is a difference Url Shortener will redirect you to the link that you have shortened and Safelink Generator will first redirect you to 1-2 pages on that website and then take you to destination page.
The benefit of this is that a lot of ad impressions are available + some clicks may come, it can get more revenue.

And there is no point in talking about movie download sites, they will give so many ads on the redirect page of Safelink Generator that you will not be able to understand which is the download link and which is the ad, as a result of which you will click on many ads. As a result, they will get a lot of clicks and a lot of revenue. Moreover, there is Popup AIDS.

Is it possible to use Adsense ad on Safelink Generator site?

Hmmm. But it is better not to. Because Safelink Generator site gets direct traffic which can cause Invalid Traffic problem. Moreover, you will not get Direct Adsense approval on Safelink Generator site. You must first approve the domain with other content.

How to make Safelink Generator in Blogger?

It is very easy to make.
Download the Safelink Template from the link below. You can also take a look at the demo.
Download TemplateDemo
1. First, open a new blog on Blogger.
2. Now click on the Option Icon next to the father. Then Theme >> Edit HTML >>
Safelink Generator site
3. Now you will see a lot of code here.
Safelink Generator site
4. After cutting all the codes, copy all the codes of the Safelink Generator.txt file that I have given and save it by putting it here.

Buss became your Safelink site. However, Safelink will not work right now. Because there is no post on the site. Now post 1-2 as you wish. Then be able to generate the link.

Hope you understand. If you have trouble understanding something, please comment.

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