Useful Apps for Android 2021

Most Effective and Useful Apps for Android 2021

Most Useful and Effective Apps for Android

Being in your hands, the smartphone is not only the best friend, but it is a complete suite of gadgets. Smartphone apps have made our daily life easier. There are many apps that you can use to make your personal and professional life very organized.

I will now talk to you about just a few useful apps for Android that I am personally using that are helping me a lot in my personal and professional life. If you use these apps properly, you will be able to maintain everything in your life in many organized ways. The first app I will talk about is

01. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

After hearing the name, we understand what it does, many tasks are delayed due to not being able to wake up at the right time. We have to wake up in the morning at the right time to go to university, to go to college, or to go to the office for various work. This app will help you to wake up at the right time more than your phone’s default alarm apps.

02. LastPass – Password Manager

Then there are LastPass apps. It is a password management app. If you have registered online on various websites, you have to use different usernames and passwords. You do not need to remember the user ID passwords.

Whenever you log in to a site, this app will give you suggestions on what the user ID and password were on the website. You can instantly log in with just a click. It will be very secure if you want to save it, then you can use it, it will help you to do those things.

03. PicsArt Photo Studio

The next app I will talk about is PicsArt Photo Studio an image editing app. We often want to capture special moments on camera but the problem is that by default when you take a picture with your phone it is not so attractive but using such a photo editing app is your Ordinary picture You can make it a little more attractive.

This app has many features and filters that you can use to make your favorite picture very professional. It also has the feature to share these pictures on social media by clicking the button on your Facebook and Instagram You can share in a moment.

04. Unified Remote

The next app I will talk about is Unified Remote. Using this app, you can convert your smartphone to a remote and connect it to your PC or laptop. You can control the basic tasks of the computer from your smartphone, such as various play music, change music, or off your computer.

You can do these things from your smartphone using the WiFi Bluetooth feature of your smartphone. Personally, I have also used the app. If you want to control your laptop or computer remotely, you can use this app.

05. Evernote

The next app is called Evernote. We have to keep notes on different things. We often forget about different things like we have to go to the market to bring many items but many have forgotten. Again, there is an important job in the office.

Every day we have a few different tasks or Personal tasks. Using this app, you can take note of the tasks that you have every day and mark them one by one by completing them. This will keep you organized and all your tasks will go smoothly. You can use this app to keep yourself organized.

06. Slack

The next app I will talk about is called Slack. It is a collaboration app. We often have to work on different projects in our team. If you are a university student, you will see that teachers have different responsibilities to complete different projects. You also have to work in different companies. The team works in the department.

If you want to maintain a team, you can easily stream this app. How much is the team progress? Who has a problem? Instantly need to communicate with someone? Share different types of screenshots. Share video footage. With this app, you can do the communicate very easily. You can also email on the phone if you want.

You can do this on Skype and you can do it. It is not so efficient. It can be a lot of time waste which can be done very easily through this app. You can use it as a team management toolkit and remotely wherever your team is. From there you can work together on any project

07. Habit Tracker

The next app I will talk about is Habit Tracker. It is a productivity app. We all have some good habits. We also have bad habits. The more good habits you can add to your life, the better for your future. We all know but the problem is we don’t track it properly. There were 24 hours today.

How many hours have I spent on good deeds that can be used for my future and how many hours have I wasted that it will not add any value to my life so you can use this app to track your habits. See if no one else can change your habit if you don’t want to. Many of us are sitting and someone will come and tell me to shoot this job then I will do it.

They are never denied. Everyone is busy with their life but there is no time for anyone. You have to catch your habits in your life to put pressure on yourself and then from there, you will see a good result. With this app, you can set different types of goals daily. You can set a routine that we need to have a meeting today.

We need to talk on the phone. One day I will work out so many hours. I will read so many pages of a book. You can set small goals through this app Tonight, there is such an app available for success, that is, to complete the tasks by putting yourself under pressure, you must use this app, which will make you more productive.

08. Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

The next app is Walli. With this app, you can change the presentation of your smartphone. You can change the internal looking of your smartphone by using different HD quality pictures, background pictures, screensavers, themes on the smartphone.

We spend most of our time with this smartphone and if the internal features of that smartphone are beautiful, it feels good to ourselves. Using this app, you can change the look of the internal features of your phone so that you don’t get bored of seeing the same pattern.

09. Xender – Share Music&Video

It is a file-sharing app. Often we need to share different file video pictures with our friends. Different class notes, different types of files, you can easily share through this app. this is useful apps for android, you can transfer files at several times faster speeds than Bluetooth or WiFi transfer. You can instantly transfer large files of any kind. So of course you need to have this kind of app on your smartphone like Xender.

10. Uber Ride-Sharing app

Talking about the next one is the Uber Ride-Sharing app. Using this app you can hire different private cars, you can hire different bikes to get from one place to another. Many of you may know about this app. Due to the fact that it is often seen in many popular cities, there is a lot of traffic congestion and transportation from one place to another is not available.

But this app has made things a lot more flexible so you can use the apps at any time to get to your destination. Everyone should have this app on their smartphone which will save your time in many cases.


These were some very useful apps for android your smartphone. Those are the ones I use personally. You can also use these apps for personal and professional work to organize yourself more.


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