Top 10 Best Tech YouTubers in 2021 Who’s best!

Top 10 Best Tech YouTubers in 2021

welcome to TECHSPL . And today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 tech YouTubers for this list. We’ll be looking at the best, most influential or most creative tech YouTubers will be excluding companies and major publications. Who’s your favorite tech youtubers? Be sure to comment below.

Best Tech YouTubers List:

  • crazy Russian hacker
  • Jon Rettinger
  • I. Justin
  • Sara Dietschy
  • Mrwhosetheboss
  • your average consumer
  • Unbox therapy
  • Austin Evans
  • Linus Tech tips
  • Marcus Brownlie


#10. Number Aras Kul

crazy Russian hacker. This Russian YouTube has a long history on the platform. His oldest video was crazy. Russian hacker, which is his third YouTube channel, was uploaded in 2012 back when the creator was focused on tricks, experiments and challenges.

He soon shifted completely into product review and you’ll be glad he did. If you’re looking for bendable gadget box openings that quickly get into the nitty gritty, crazy Russian hacker is for you. His videos, do exactly what they say in the title, listing several products he’s going to try out. Sure enough, he proceeds to use them without any preamble, fancy shots or needless filler. The videos are worth every second of your time and are hard to turn off.

#09. Number Jonathan Ratzinger

Jon Rettinger. John is a veteran on the platform uploading tech content since 2007, and he’s only gotten better with age. His content primarily focuses on high ticket tech, including the latest phones and electric cars.

His discussions are well researched and friendly, while his videos are very polished he knows what he’s talking about, is actively connected to the industry and has appeared as a commentator on CNBC. He originally went under the name Techno Buffalo, which he expanded into a website but was eventually sold to the brand’s mobile nations. Now he mostly focuses on his own YouTube channel, which delivers sleek electronic content every week.

#08. Number Justin as Eric

I. Justin, if you’ve been on YouTube for a while, you’ll know who I Justin is. The eldest as a sister, gained notoriety after she shared her 300 page iPhone bill once she switched to AT&T. After a long career of blogging, she made a significant turn to the unboxing side of YouTube, where she soon expanded her following as a playful and informative videos give you plenty of gadgets to add to your wish list. She was listed as one of the top 10 tech influencers by Forbes in 2017 and is still producing content focused on the latest tech releases today.


#07. Number Sara Dietschy

bringing together her experience and filmmaking and technology. Sara Dietschy produces high quality, informative and inviting content. She covers industry news filmmaking tips and the latest gadgets balances professionalism with a casual presentation making you feel right at home as she dives deep into each topic.

Not only is she a charismatic tech reviewer, but she also hosts that Creative Life, a podcast that sees DC interviewing various artists and creative professionals. She is a fantastic addition to anyone subscriptions.

#06. Number Aaron Máni,

Mrwhosetheboss, Aaron McKinney has been captivating audiences since 2011 with his smooth, relaxing voice and charming character. His channel hosts a lot of discussions regarding the difference between modern phone brands and the shocking advancements of consumer tech.

Mainly prides himself on his content being refined and informative, and he does it with a combination of well put together visuals and great audio. Each of his videos are extensive, but they’re just a lot of fun to watch. He’s come a long way since his start on YouTube at his concept is a must have on your watch list.


#05. Number Junor Aura

your average consumer. Junor is a man of the people, just like his username says he tries to tackle tech in a way that’s easy to understand and relatable. He doesn’t just cover new laptops and tech accessories, but also tests out work from home setups, smart nurseries and everyday essentials.

With his YouTube fame, he can likely get his hands on products that most of us would have to save up for. But he still hasn’t. Straight away from his consumer focused videos where he asks the questions we all want to hear answered. There’s been a huge improvement in the production quality of his videos over the years, so you’ll definitely want to check his reviews out before you invest in something.


#04. Number Lewis Hilson Tergat

Unbox therapy showing off every kind of device to his millions of subscribers. Unbox Therapy has it all. A four dollar smartphone, gaming, massage chairs and even a stun gun iPhone case. His consent can get ridiculous, but is always entertaining. Lewis also likes to showcase the latest and greatest developments, stuff that sometimes has ridiculously powerful specs.

But he always has a laugh or two along the way. And the team that has been built around him are as much characters on his channel as he is. Lewis has remained one of the most recognizable and consistent tech boxing channels on YouTube for a reason, and he’ll undoubtedly end up on your suggested list at some point.

#03. Number Austin Evans,

Austin Evans, Evans stands out because of his infectious energy and creative concepts. The thumbnails alone are quite something. But when you start watching, you get genuinely engaging, experimental and often educational videos. He’ll show you how to build a gaming PC. Sure, but he’ll also show you how to waste three hundred and forty dollars on Amazon.

His best work usually consists of mystery tech unboxing or when he compares broke versus pro purchasing options for gaming setups. His videos are incredibly enjoyable to watch and we sincerely look forward to seeing more from him in the future.


#02. Number Linus Sebastian

Linus Tech tips. The group behind Linus Media Group are content creating machines, posting seventeen videos across five different channels every week. But Linus, the founder, has been making videos since 2007, bringing us tutorials, discussions and breakdowns of new and old tech, mostly focusing on computers.

Linus is one of the greatest tech YouTuber of all time because he’s pretty much got a video for everything you could imagine. His catalog is best, and if you want to set up something, he’s usually got a video to help. Whether it be overclocking, your PC, reviewing graphics cards, building Minecraft servers or accidentally setting their office on fire, Linus is bound to pop up in your YouTube recommendations eventually.

before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions. Felipe Kuroi, everything, Apple pro reviewing and testing the latest Apple products in the most ridiculous ways Ketan killer tech smart, shocking reveals a new and a bargain. Gadgets living in the 2000s.

#01. Number Marcus

Marcus Brownlie, is the best number one tech youtubers Marcus has been called the best technology reviewer on the planet and for good reason, he provides comprehensive, educational, exceptional videos and has a history of interviewing big names like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, even late NBA basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

His presence is calming and delightful. You’ll never feel out of depth no matter how complicated the subject gets. Brownlee was a small YouTube who started out giving his opinion on products he already possessed. And now companies covet his annual smartphone awards. he’s not just a fantastic techie, Juber, but also seems like a great guy who we can all relate to.

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