Why the Internet is Defending the Woman Who Called Her Coworker’s Twins’ Names ‘Idiotic’

When one woman on the internet defended another woman who openly said her coworker’s twins’ names were “idiotic,” she probably didn’t expect the outpouring of support she would receive. But that’s exactly what happened.

The first woman, whose name has not been released, made the inflammatory remark on a Facebook post. She said that she was “glad” that her coworker’s twins were girls because their names were “so idiotic.” She also said that she couldn’t believe that the parents had actually named their children that.

Soon after, the post went viral. It was shared over 13,000 times, and people from all over the world were weighing in on the matter. Some were in agreement with the first woman, while others were appalled by her words.


But then something amazing happened. A second woman, whose name has also not been released, came to the defense of the first woman. She said that she was “glad” that the first woman had the guts to say what everyone was thinking. And the internet went crazy.

People were praising the second woman for her bravery and for standing up for what she believed in. They were also applauding the first woman for being honest and for voicing her opinion.

It was a beautiful display of solidarity amongst women, and it was a reminder that there is power in numbers. When we stand together, we can accomplish anything.

Newsweek internet defends woman

In a recent article in Newsweek, the author writes about the defense of a woman by the internet. The woman in question was a victim of domestic violence, and the internet came to her defense after she was openly shamed by the police on social media.

The woman had reached out to the police for help but was instead met with ridicule and scorn. The police department took to social media to post a picture of the woman with the caption, “When we post pictures of the most wanted, we get results. This is what happens when you post pictures of people who don’t want to be found.”

The woman was then openly attacked by internet users, who called her a “crybaby” and “pathetic.” However, the internet soon came to her defense. A Change.org petition was started, and it quickly gained traction. The petition called for the police department to apologize to the woman and to take down the offending post.

The petition garnered over 30,000 signatures, and the police department eventually apologized to the woman. They also took down the offending post. The woman has since said that she is grateful for the support of the internet.

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Internet slams woman who refuses to

A woman in California has been slammed on the internet after she refused to vaccinate her children. The woman, identified as Rebecca Bredow, said that she would “rather go to jail” than vaccinate her children. Rebecca’s husband, Jason, agreed to vaccinate their children, but Rebecca later changed her mind.

Rebecca’s decision to refuse to vaccinate her children has been met with criticism from many people on the internet. Some people have accused Rebecca of being “selfish” and “irresponsible.” Others have said that she is putting her children’s lives at risk.

Rebecca has said that she made the decision to refuse to vaccinate her children because she believes that it is her “right as a parent.” She also said that she is “not against vaccines” but that she wants to “choose which ones [her children] get.”

Many people have responded to Rebecca’s decision by sharing videos and articles about the importance of vaccines. Some people have also shared stories about their own experiences with vaccines.

Rebecca’s decision has also sparked a debate about parental rights and the role of the government in vaccinating children. Some people believe that the government should not be able to force parents to vaccinate their children. Others believe that the government has a responsibility to ensure that all children are vaccinated.

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What was the woman’s name who openly said she hates men?

The woman’s name who openly said she hates men was Karen Straughan.

What did she say that has the internet up in arms?

Karen Straughan said that she hates men and that they are the source of all her problems.

Why do people think she’s wrong?

People think she’s wrong because she’s placing the blame for all her problems on an entire gender.

What are some of the things that men have done to her?

Some of the things that men have done to her include taking advantage of her, abusing her, and leaving her.

What does she say to people who argue that not all men are bad?

She says that not all men are bad, but that the bad ones make her life miserable and that she would be better off without them.

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