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Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 yesterday. We know that there has been a lot of talks online over the last few days about the upcoming version of Windows XI. There are as many new features as there are in yesterday’s event and it’s all about the in and out. I will talk about these as well as what Windows XI will look like as a new operating system.

windows 11 features:


windows 11 start button


windows 11 start menu


The first eye-catching new feature that Microsoft has introduced is the eleven start button and the taskbar icons will be in the middle by default, you can move it to the left if you want. Behind this, Windows says that Windows XI is focusing too much on the word round center Also, the windows have been given a blurry glass type effect and the ads are rounded which resembles a lot of make-up which I like very much.


windows 11 features


Also, the Start menu has been completely redesigned, with the exception of the previous tie, and now they have an individual icon. We know that Windows 7 has been left alone with the Start menu. I think Windows XI is going to be the problem. In addition to this, a new feature called Snaply Layout has been added to the windows which will be great for multitasking. It used to be more advanced and better now.



windows 11 widgets


The next major update is the widgets. We may remember that we used to use widgets in Windows 7, but in Windows XI it came in a more advanced and modern style. Dragging from the left side will open the widget’s window which is very modern locking and this window can also be made full screen. Here you will find some instant information including some weather news. I think this window is going to be very useful.



Microsoft Teams


The next major update is that Microsoft Teams will now be installed by default on Windows XI. Microsoft Teams is a conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet that allows you to make conferencing calls, video calls, or chatting. Such as Android, iOS, etc. So now with Microsoft Teams, you can make video calls from Windows to other platforms.



Windows 11 android apps


The best feature of Windows XI is that android-apps-games will run. Many people say that Android apps will run Windows Eleven natively. But I will not use the word natively here because when you go to the Microsoft Store and search for Android applications, you cannot install it directly. You have to download the Amazon App Store first, although you have to do it first.

Will be downloaded from the store but not from the Google Play Store. So I wouldn’t call it downloading the Play Store app directly. It’s called sideload. Kind of site load. Microsoft has made it official. There are a lot of questions here that the apps we use are Android touchpad friendly,

how can we use them in Windows with the keyboard, how much they will be user friendly, these issues are not clear yet when they are cleared, another post will be made about them. These are the major or head lighting features of Windows 11.


Windows 11 game loading features


There will also be some more minor tweaks, such as a slight boost in performance as well as some improvements to the game’s graphics, which Microsoft said we’ll understand when we test.



Windows 11 release date


Final Windows 11 Update Launch Date: Microsoft has announced that those who have joined Microsoft’s Insider program from next week will get a beta version early and Windows 11 Final roll-out will start later this year. Windows 11 is completely free for those who have already bought Windows Ten. However, there is another problem here,

Microsoft has given software to check the health of the computer, if you go to it, you will see if your computer will support Windows 11. Windows 11 is requiring your computer to have a TPM chip enabled from the BIOS. Although computers nowadays have TPM. So this was today’s tune, everyone will be fine and healthy.

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